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Spring 2001
Cushing Memorial Library
Texas A&M University

Research and Organization
J. Angus Martin, Curator
Steven Escar Smith, Administrative Curator

Stanton Ware, Information & Technology Exchange Center, TTI

Exhibit Advisory Committee
Felicia James Scott, Multicultural Services, Chair
Steven Escar Smith, Cushing Memorial Library
Mel Pruitt, Bryan, Texas
Cathy Hastedt, University Arts Exhibits
Finnie Coleman, English Department
Herbert Booker, Computing Information Services
Ann Boney, Brazos Valley Chapter of NAACP
J. Angus Martin, Cushing Memorial Library

Administrative and Logistical Support
Lynn Zynda and Valerie Coleman

Office of the President of Texas A&M University
Office of the Provost
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Texas A&M Development Foundation
Association of Former Students
Texas A&M University Libraries

An exhibit with the scope of this one requires the input of many people. In the over two years of research, funding requests, design and fabrication, a number of individuals have been instrumental in first supporting the idea and locating the funding. Drs. Donald Dyal and David Chapman thought the theme merited a full enquiry and that the Cushing Memorial Library should spare no pains to see this to fruition. They allowed the countless hours of research, interviewing former students, and searching through thousands of photographs. Steven Smith played a tremendous role in pursuing the establishment of an advisory committee and securing the funding necessary for the exhibit.

Special thanks go to the members of the Exhibit Committee for their time, effort and support. Bobby Bisor, Rodney McClendon and Felicia J. Scott recognized the importance of this exhibit and led it in the right direction. Thanks to Bill Page for his research notes on African-Americans. The staff and student assistants at the Cushing Memorial Library have assisted in numerous ways. Thank you to Stanton Ware and Michelle Walker of the Information & Technology Exchange Center, Texas Transportation Institute, for the design and proofreading; Dr. Dilawar Grewal and Paul Glenn of the Digital Library for the printing services; and Page Two Gallery for mounting the panels.

A number of former students provided stories, photographs and memories, including Judge Willie Blackmon, Dr. Leroy Sterling, Dr. Ally Mack, Dr. Kenneth Lewelyn, Sammy Williams, James T. Reynolds, Arthur Lee Dunn, Bill Jones, Hugh T. McElroy and Joe C. Phillips.

The majority of the photographs used in this exhibit are from the vast archives of photographs at the Cushing Memorial Library.