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In 1965, Jerry Levias, playing for SMU, broke the color barrier in the SWC. A&M's head football coach, Gene Stallings, publicly announced that A&M was not yet ready to integrate its football team.

Despite the inhospitable atmosphere, African-Americans tried out for the team, and in 1967 Samuel Williams and James Reynolds became the first African-Americans to make the squad. Other early players included Hugh McElroy, Mike Bruton and Jerry Honore, the first football recruit.

The 1970s marked the beginning of a new era that changed the face of football and athletics at the formerly all-white A&M. By the spring of 1972, and under A&M's new football coach Emory Bellard, the recruitment of African-American football players began in earnest. Since the mid-1970s, African-Americans have dominated A&M football and performed exceptionally well.

At least eight African-Americans have served as assistant football coaches since 1982 when George Pugh became the first African-American assistant football coach.

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