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In 1971, Mario Brown and Cedric Joseph (freshman squad) became the first African-Americans to join the men's basketball team. By the late 1970s, however, African-Americans accounted for over half the team, with outstanding players such as Barry Davis, Sonny Parker, David Britton, Claude Riley and A&M's famed "Wall"-Vernon Smith, Rynn Wright and Rudy Woods. African-Americans have dominated the sport ever since, with great players like Don Marbury, Todd Holloway, Winston Crite, David Edwards and Tyren Naulls.

Scores of these players have lettered, over a dozen have held All-SWC titles (between 1975-95 all All-SWC Aggies were African-Americans), and a dozen have gone on to the NBA (all NBA drafts since 1976 have been African-Americans).

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