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Edwin B. Hill

Edwin B. Hill (cont.)

In 1899, as a result of his association with Samuel Arthur Jones, Henry David Thoreauís first bibliographer, Hill issued the first of many pamphlets concerning Thoreau. Hill was Thoreauís most meticulous publisher, always printing the texts exactly as they were in the manuscript. Only through Hillís work do we have the correct text for many Thoreau letters. His work included Two Thoreau Letters (1942), Thoreau from his Books and Reading (1944), In Memory of Henry D. Thoreau (1944), Henry Thoreauís Mother by Jean Munro LeBrun(1940) and Henry D. Thoreau: Emersonís Obitury (1942).

From his shop also came such works as a memoir of Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan Poe by Capt. Mayne Reid, 1933), a previously unpublished Charles Lamb letter (Charles Lamb to Thomas Manning, 1934), and a dozen or more Thoreau pieces Ė several of them never before issued.

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