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Carl Hertzog

Carl Hertzog(cont.)

In 1961, Hertzog completed a magnificent collection catalogue for the El Paso Museum of Art entitled The Samuel H. Kress Collection. The Kress volume is the height of elegant simplicity. It utilizes only a single typeface, Hadriano. In format, its width is one-half inch less than letter size, a pleasing proportion. The natural tan cloth binding recreates the same shade used in many museums as a background for their paintings. A reproduction of a Botticelli scene, bordered by a gold circle, and gold-stamping tilting lines above and below adorn the front cover. Finally, the title page is laid out in a simple yet beautiful manner. Hertzog later explained that “the differences in the size and shape of pictures and varying lengths of text presented a challenge, but the quality of the material was an inspiration.”

Everything may look as if it fell into place naturally. It didn’t. Where great masterpieces are involved a designer cannot resort to indiscriminate cropping. Therefore, Hertzog established minimum page margins and then arranged each illustration into suitable perspective. Maintaining a constant top margin lends continuity to the book and the black ink used to reproduce the artwork has a pleasing-to-the-eye brownish cast. Fitting the text and the pictures together required numerous subtleties in the typesetting. The typeface is 11-point Hadriano, except when the length of the text necessitated more space. In those instances, the first five lines were set in 11-point and the remainder was set in 10-point. A paperback edition was also released.

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