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Rein Company

Rein Company (cont.)

One of the Rein Company’s last publications of merit was The Quarter Horse by Bob Denhardt, an Assistant Professor at Texas A & M University. Printed in 1941 for the American Quarter Horse Association at Fort Worth, this collection of essays has a somewhat unconventional arrangement. Proper layout and good letter-spacing narrowly save the title-page from being cluttered. Each of the four major parts following the introduction has its own division page bearing its section title. The 12 on 16 Garamond type, the wide margins, and the photographic plates tipped in at appropriate intervals facilitate comfortable reading. Perhaps the unknown designer was influenced by the example of Merle Armitage, whose avant-garde techniques were then attracting wide attention. A limited edition of 125 copies features a coarse buckram binding about the shade of strawberry roan, a silver stamped spine, and a small pictorial plate affixed to the front cover. While the result is hardly a masterpiece, it demonstrates enough typographical expertise to inspire regret that the Rein Company discontinued such activity.

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