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Book Club of Texas

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Book Club of Texas (cont.)

The Memoir of Col. Ellis P. Bean (1930) was the first book published by the Book Club of Texas. The prospectus describes Col. Bean as “a gentleman of rather doubtful character who was capable at times of sacrificing truth to imagination and who, along with his other adventures, undertook the difficult task of retaining two wives at the same time.” The Rein Company of Houston printed two hundred copies of this little item on English handmade paper using Caslon type. With an appropriate earthy feel to it, it is not only a collector’s book, but a reader’s book.

The Book Club of Texas’s second offering was Eneas Africanus (1930) by Harry S. Edwards. Though printed in New York by the Marchbanks Press, it carried the following explanation: “As Mr. Marchbanks is a printer from Texas, the Book Club feels that the book may properly be called a native product.”

In 1933, the Book Club of Texas turned to the Lakeside Press of Chicago for the execution of Judge A. W. Terrell’s memoir, From Texas to Mexico and the Court of Maximilian in 1865. Featuring a previously unpublished drawing by O. Henry, it was selected as one of the Fifty Books of the Year for 1934 by the prestigious American Institute of Graphic Arts.

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