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University of Texas Press (cont)

The University of Texas Pressís first book, The Florida of the Incas by Garcilaso de la Vega, appeared in 1951. The baroquely ornate title page strives to reflect the historical period of the text. While the number of printerís flowers on the spine is overdone and the cover illustration would benefit from better detailing, the jacket is appealing. On the whole, The Florida of the Incas is an impressive debut.

Published in 1952 and designed by Van C. Walton, Texas Range Grasses by Benjamin Carroll Tharp certainly deserves its selection as one of the American Institute for Graphic Artís Fifty Books of the Year.

The Royal Commentaries of the Incas (1967) by Garcilaso de la Vega features a dramatic red and black dust jacket, a most attractive binding of burnt orange chambray, and a classical title page. The cream-colored text paper is beautiful and appropriate, but lacks a certain degree of opacity.

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