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Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor (cont)

A year after his arrival, Kim Taylor placed not one but two entries in the American Institute of Graphic Artís Fifty Books of the Year: Poor Heretic (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1961), a collection of verse by Kenneth Hopkins, and The Craft and Context of Translation (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1961), a collection of symposium papers edited by William Arrowsmith and Roger Shattuck.

Perhaps the highpoint of Taylorís achievement was the Tower Poetry Series for the Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas. This cloth-bound set in small octavo format has splendid unity even while demonstrating skillful variation from volume to volume in color, texture, and illustration.

The seventh issue in the series, A Poetís Vocation (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1967), edited and translated by William Burford and Christopher Middleton, consists of selections from the letters of Holderlin, Rimbaud and Hart Crane. The title page is strongly dominated by a woodcut portrait of the three poets while the art work on the refreshingly different contents page is a bit more subdued. Just as things seem to be getting out of hand, the next section becomes more restrained. In a sense, Taylor orchestrates his work with crescendos followed by diminuendos at exactly the right moment. Finished with a handsome black on gold dust jacket, this volume illustrates Taylorís innate good judgment.

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