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Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor(cont)

This exhibit catalogue, Texana at the University of Texas (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1962), is at once artistic, fresh, and imaginative. Stylized decorations adapted from Texas cattle brands are emblazoned on the covers and throughout the booklet. The text is neat and clean, yet warm and appealing. While it does allude to the Southwest, overall this booklet represents a remarkable change of pace from the traditional approach to southwestern subjects. It is a successful new treatment of a much considered theme.

Another outstanding exhibit keepsake designed by Kim Taylor is T. E. Lawrence / Fifty Letters: 1920-35 (Austin, University of Texas Press, 1962). With the mood of the desert evoked through the use of sand-colored paper, the entire publication expresses an unassuming elegance. The title page, for example, has a portrait drawing of the famed guerilla warrior accompanied by only three lines of type.

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