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William D. Wittliff's Encino Press

William D. Wittliff's Encino Press

After a Blanco County boyhood and a university education in journalism, William D. Wittliff became business and production manager for the Southern Methodist University Press at Dallas. He once commented that “at $365 a month they couldn’t afford anyone who knew what he was doing” – an ironic statement for this designer, publisher, artist, sculptor, historian, writer, and photographer.

Wittliff’s Encino Press arose as a private venture while the proprietor was still employed at S.M.U. in 1964 and combined excellence of design and quality of content with the necessity for commercial success. It has produced in limited editions works of history, biography, and belles letters which major publishers might pass by. The firm has offered titles by established authors and it has taken chances with unknowns. While regional in its emphasis on works by and about Southwesterners, it strives not to be provincial. In format, Encino Press books demonstrate an uncommon vitality and variety.

Wittliff’s Encino Press has a wide following in Texas. It provides the region with a solidly-based cultural institution through which life and literature can find expression. It has bestowed typographical distinction on most of its publications and has heightened respect for the printer’s art among a new generation of book buyers.

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