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William D. Wittliff's Encino Press

William D. Wittliff's Encino Press (cont)

Wittliff moved to Austin in 1965 as manager of the University of Texas Press, but within the year he quit to devote all of his time to the Encino Press. In 1966, Wittliff reissued the memoir of a nineteenth-century Texas frontiersman, The Narrative of Robert Hancock Hunter, as a follow up to the Dobie essay on Bob More. Coincidentally, Hunter was the uncle of Mrs. Bernhardt Wall. The Encino Press work represents a superior format to its original 1936 publication. The title page reflects the tradition of title pages in Hunterís era and the book is printed on antique paper with the right margin unjustified to simulate the appearance of a diary. Bound in illustrated tan paper boards, Hunterís story lives and breathes despite a total disregard of periods and paragraphs. A printersí symbol was substituted by Wittliff for paragraph spacing in order to preserve the tone and appearance of the original document.

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