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William D. Wittliff's Encino Press

William D. Wittliff's Encino Press (cont)

In addition to his Encino Press imprints, Wittliff designed two exceptionally noteworthy volumes of poetry in 1967: The Amphora of Castaly and Poems: English and American.

The Amphora of Castaly, a collection of poems by Flora Ellice Stevens, was published in a private edition of three hundred copies for Arthur Ewing Stevens. The title page has simple, unadorned elegance and the brief poems are set in Roman letters with italic headings. The binding, too, is colorful yet restrained and eminently satisfying.

Poems: English and American, by Kenneth Hopkins for the Brick Row Book Shop of Houston, represents yet another good looking, well made item by Wittliff. Neatly laid-out poems follow a warm, classical title page. While perhaps other designers might not use brackets with the old-style folios, here, this approach works. The binding is stamped in black and gold on a natural cloth of deep burgundy.

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