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William D. Wittliff's Encino Press

William D. Wittliff's Encino Press (cont)

Published in 1968 by Wittliff, J. Roy White’s Limestone and Log was intended as a trade publication. Everything about it is low key and in perfect harmony with the subject. The double-spread title page utilizes an open-face type which works extremely well. Elsewhere in the suitably formatted landscape book, the subdued type and ample page margins let the artist’s loving re-creations of early Texas homes speak for themselves. The binding is a caliche-colored natural buckram finish, backed with buff-colored endsheets, and covered with an appealing dust jacket.

Wittliff’s design of J. Frank Dobie: The Makings of an Ample Mind (1968) by Lon Tinkle won a place in the 1970 Western Books Exhibition of the Rounce and Coffin Club. The book is not only imaginative and refreshing in all its parts, it is also beautifully integrated. On the title page, J. Frank Dobie’s name is printed in Crystal, an English, open-faced monotype, and filled in with a blue background. At the lower left of the page is a paisano (Dobie’s personal totem) printed in the same shade of blue. This roadrunner also appears as a margin decoration throughout the book. The three-piece binding consists of light blue-gray paper on board covers with a natural black-cloth spine, finished by the handsome title label affixed to the slipcase.

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