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William R. Holman

William R. Holman

Another Texas craftsman is William R. Holman, whose personal projects bear the imprint of Roger Beacham, Publisher. Judged by Carl Hertzog as ďa designer with impeccable taste,Ē this Oklahoma-born genius built a reputation as an energetic and innovative library administrator in Galveston, San Antonio, and San Francisco. Intrigued with handpress printing, he found in San Francisco the perfect environment for cultivating this interest. His equally talented wife, Barbara, shared his enthusiasm, and together they produced the award-winning title, Travelerís Guide (1963).

Returning to Texas in 1967, Bill joined the staff of the Humanities Research Center of The University of Texas at Austin, where Kim Taylor had already established high marks. Holman continued to produce a succession of titles which unfailingly won praise from admirers of the printed word and, quite often, awards from jurors of book competitions.

Barbara and Billís deep commitment to the art was passed on to their sons, David and Greg. In 1974, David Holman compiled and printed his first book, Letters of Hard Times in Texas and, in 1976, Greg designed and printed Razzmatazz by Christopher Middleton. David has since gone on to produce many prize-winning works at Wind River Press in Austin.

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