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William R. Holman

William R. Holman (cont)

While in San Francisco, William and Barbara Holman produced a reprint of Platt and Slater’s Traveler’s Guide (1963) for Warren Howell. This reprint was subsequently included in the American Institute of Graphic Art’s Fifty Books of the Year competition, an honor that few designers achieve with their first attempt. Remaining one of Holman’s favorites, it succeeds because it avoids the clichés one would expect of a volume inspired by the gold rush. Unlike an actor who would black his face to play Othello, Holman does not attempt to re-create period pieces.

After returning to Texas, William Holman continued to produce award winning designs. He scored again with Edward Dahlberg: American Ishmael of Letters (1968), edited by Harold Billings. With its effective asymmetrical title page layout and its tasteful employment of Intertype Waverly in the text with Perpetua titling, it became his second entry in the Fifty Books derby.

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