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The Holman Family

The Holman Family(cont)

Like Carl Hertzog and William Wittliff, William Holman has produced his share of ephemeral items such as broadsides, Christmas greetings, invitations, programs, and stationery. Usually printed from handset type on a handpress, they are often done purely for pleasure and, invariably, are beautiful to behold. His success in these smaller endeavors is based upon sound design judgment, extraordinary skill in typesetting, and immaculate presswork. They are never cluttered with distracting printers’ flowers or other superfluous ornamentation so beloved of many less talented practitioners. “Doodads are dangerous,” says Holman emphatically.

A superb example of his clean and elegant approach is the broadside of Max Ehrmann’s lengthy admonition which begins “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, etc.” His reserved handling of this bit of philosophical treacle makes it almost respectable.

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