Oversized Items

1. U. S. A. Australian Style Shower

Issued to each tank and military vehicle so that each crew could clean up daily of shower every 3 days.

The tank crews would dig a small 3' by 3' by 2' hole, place a box (MRE, usually) in it, and hang the shower by a strap on the gun tube. The shower would hang over the hole and would allow for clean-up.

Showers were taken at least about every 3 days, due to water limitations.

The showers were picked up by the Field Ordering Officer(2Lt. Kelly). In Germany from a 1 AD supply depot, they were bought off the German economy.

The black color helped warm the water although if there was no sunshine. The water was warmed up in an ammunition can and poured into the shower.

This shower was on C31, 3rd Platoon/C Co. / 4-66 AR.

2. U. S. A. 30 mm Ammunition Box

This ammo box, which once carried ammunition, was one of two mounted on tank C31 of 3rd PLT/C Co/4-66 AD.

All tanks in the battalion had two of these metal boxes mounted on the rear of the storage bustle rack to store P. O. L. (Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants) Products, chemical light sticks, spare bolts, nuts, and various other items needed by the tank crews.

This can was mounted on the left rear of C31 tank and was painted sand brown with a coalition marking, "^", in blackall tanks had this "^" on the left rear 30mm can on their bustle racks, to avoid friendly fire.

3. U. S. A. Water Jug

This water jug was strapped onto the outside of a C Co/4-66 AR MlA1 tank's bustle rack. It was black but was painted sand brown to blend in with the tank and desert sand.

Each tank had at least two of these water jugs to carry water for drinking and shaving/washing/brushing teeth.

Other plastic water jugs were also used, after being purchased from the Saudi economy. This helped in the ground assault because of the difficulty in transporting over long distances across the desert.

4. Sleeping Cot

This cot was used by PFC Steven Collins, loader of tankC34 of C Co/4-66 AR. Each cot was marked with yellow support arms and the tank crewman's tank number. The cots were especially useful when the tanks were not around. They were transported on the outside of the tank and used to get a good sleep, off of the hard steel shell of the tank.

5. Iraq Plastic Mortal Round Case

This plastic case was found in an abandoned Iraqi defensive bunker exactly on the Iragi-Kuwait border near the N. W. tip of Kuwait.

It was probably used to carry a mortar round that was later fired off by the Medina Division of the Republican Guards.

It was recovered by 2Lt. Michael A Kelley of C Co/4-66AR.

6. U. S. A. Styrofoam Bedroll

This bedroll was used to make a soft place to lay and sleep on. It was rarely used because cots were comfortable enough when layed on in a sleeping bag.

Due to its bulkiness, it was carried by many soldiers during the ground assault.

7. Sleeping Bag in Wet Weather Protection Rubber Bag.

This sleeping bag was used by PFC Carlos Vargas of D Co/1-7INF all during his deployment to the Middle East.

8. Saddle Bags

9. Canvas Item