Small Books


Box 1

Visual Aircraft Recognition FM 44-30

Aviator's Recognition Manual FM 1-402

Aviator's Handbook FM 1-400

Aircraft Recognition Playing Cards 44-2-10

Free world Forward Area Aircraft Playing Cards GTA 44-2-15

Box 2

Instructional Data Sheet: Predictor Chemical Agent ATP 45

Gas Mask Operator's Manual TM 3-4240-280-10

Operator's Manual For Chemical Agent Detector Kit TM 3-6665 307-10

Operator's Manual For Decontaminating Apparatus TM 3-4230-204 12&p

Box 3

5 Desert Storm Bibles (Old and New Testaments)

Battalion Tactical Standard Operating Procedure FC 17-17

4 Tanker's Beale Wheel

6 Soviet Armor (Tanks) Books

Operator's Manual For A Pistol Caliber . 45 Automatic

M1 Tank Combat Load Plan

Box 4

The Desert Jayhawk

GTA 5-10-27 Mine Card

4 Posters of Soviet and Warsaw Pact Aircraft

4 Posters of Soviet Air Defense Systems

Box 5

Book, "Triumph in the Desert"

2 Tank Photographs

1 Photograph of a tube

2 Photographs of tank equipment

Box 6

1 Personal Infantryman's Handbook

Battalion Tactical Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)

Armor Crewman Job Handbook

2 Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks

The Army Field Manual

Instructor's Guide: The Law of War

Soldier's Manual: M1 Armor Crewman

Box 7

Field Artillery and Call For Fire for Armor Leaders

Tank Platoon

M1 Abrams Tank Family Configuration Matrix

Battalion Tactical Standard Operating Procedure

2 Crew Checklist for Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, M1

2 Abrams Tank Fire Prevention

3 Tank Platoon SOP

U. S. Army Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification

Czechoslovakian 152mm SP OPFOR Fact Sheet

Operator Maintenance Information on Cartridge, 12Omm

MlA1 Tank Commander Certification Test

Characteristics and Description Book M1 Tank

BMP OPFOR Fact Sheet

M1 Combat Load Plan

Armor Bridge Classification Wheel, Tracked Vehicle

Tanker's Beale Wheel

Box 8

Operator's Manual Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Tank, Combat, Full-Tracked, 120-MM Gun, MlA1 General Abrams

2 Operator's Manual Operator Controls and PMCS

2 Operator's Manual Operator Controls and PMCS Vol. 1

Operator's Manual Operation Under Usual and Unusual Conditions

Box 9

Manual for the Track Combat Vehicle Driver

Technical Manual Operator's And Organizational Maintenance

Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List)

Box 10

Desert Storm Bible (New Testament)

Desert Storm Bible (Old and New Testament)

Box 11

2 Posters Soviet Air Defense Weapons

Poster of West German Vehicles

Poster of Soviet and Warsaw Pact Aircraft

Poster USSR Field Uniforms

Organization and Equipment of the Soviet Army

The Equipment In The Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

2 Soviet Military Power

2 Soviet Armor

Soviet Doctrinal Templates (Maps)

Box 12

Technical Manual Operator's Manual For Truck, Series (Diesel) 5-Ton, 6X6, M939

Box 13

Multi-Service Procedures for the Joint Application of Firepower

2 Operator's Manual for Guns

2 Operator's Manual Machine Gun 7. 62m

Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual for Pistol, Caliber . 45

Organizational and Maintenance Manual for Rifle 5. 56-mm

Box 14

Rifle Shot Group Analysis Card

2 Code of Conduct Cards

Wearing of Service Medals Card

Know Your Enemy Card

Officer Ranking Card

Shellrep, Mortrep, kBomrep, and Fire Request Card

Demolition Card

Bridge Classification Card

Infantry Leaders Reference Card

Bridge Design Card

Mine Card

Maneuver Damage Prevention Card

Military Route Classification System

3 SMLM Sighting/Detention Instructions

3 1 K-Zone Cards

Handling of Captured Enemy Equipment ~ Documents Card

Reporting Procedures Card


Patrol Leader's Order

Special Orders Card

Military Intelligence and You Card

Smoke Pot Employment Guide

NBC Warning and Reporting System

The Call For Fire

Box 15

Facts and Figures Federal Republic of Germany

9 Pamphlets Diekirch Historical Museum

Pamphlet about Houffallize country, in the Ardennes

Frontline July 4, 1991

Frontline August 16,1991

The Aschaffenburg Forum July 24, 1991

Soldiers June 1991

About Reunion, pamphlet passed out to family members and soldiers in Aschaffenburg, Germany

100 Days, 100 Hours

Identifying the Iraqi Threat, pamphlet distributed to soldiers


The Desert Jayhawk, the VII Corp

Box 16

Field Hygiene and Sanitation, Dept. of Army, November 1988

Heat Injuries, prevention, symptoms and treatment

Heat Injury Prevention and First Aid

Wind Chill Chart

Training: Prevention of Cold Weather Injuries

Daily Meal Log

Battle Fatigue: Normal, Common Signs What to do for self and buddy

3 Preventative Medicine Countermeasures for the individual soldier

Box 17

Mine/Countermine Operations

Combat Skills of the Soldier

Combative, Field Manual

Armor on Broadway: The Urban Fight

Combined Arms Operations During Combat in the Cities: Views from the Trenches

Armored Cavalry Regiment Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations, May 1987

Your Conduct in Combat Under the Law of War

Light Infantry Platoon/Squad, Dept. of the Army, September 1986

Engineer Field Data

Ranger Handbook, U. S. Army Infantry School, October 1980

Recon Patrol

How They Fight Desert Shield, Order of Battle Handbook, September 1990

Vehicle Recovery Operations, Dept. of the Army Field Manual, July 1970

Box 18

Rigging Card for Vehicle Recovery, October 1986

Technical Manual, Net Controller Operating Procedures for Communications Security Equipment, (TSEC/KY-57), January 1984

Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual, Radiacmeters Field Repair and Expedient Antennas, January 1989

Techniques of Evasion and Survival

The German Contribution to the Common Defense

Know Your European International Road Signs

Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual (including repair parts list) Binocular M22

Nescafe instant coffee label from Saudi Arabia

Witness Statement on Individual, DA FORM 1155

Casualty Feeder Report, DA FORM 1156

Spades, card game score sheet

Cease resistance - Be safe

Joint Forces propaganda (picture of man and woman, woman is thinking about the man dead in battle)

Joint Forces propaganda (picture of soldiers around a bowl of fruit)

Joint Forces propaganda (picture of Iraqi thinking about fighting against tanks versus being with his family)

Propaganda (picture of fellowship as opposed to Saddam's war and violence)

Propaganda (picture of tank with skeleton and tank with man running)

Propaganda (picture with a tank in the playground of a city)

Propaganda (picture of Saddam)

Propaganda (picture of otherwise peaceful soldiers, picking up their weapons against each other because of Saddam)

4 Propaganda leaflets with a picture of a bomb

Propaganda (picture of Saddam chopping off his own head)

Propaganda (picture of blood on the Iraqi flag and Saddam)

Propaganda (picture of money with lengthwise writing on back)

Propaganda (picture of money with lengthwise writing on back)

Propaganda Safe Conduct Pass (looks like money)

Propaganda (looks like money with a large question mark on back)

Box 19

From the Spessart to the Desert, an overview of the war

Box 20

Desert Storm Combat Biographies

- 2LT Nora E. Martinez

- SPC Mehrann Faalzadeh

- CW4 Gary Martin

- 4TH Battalion 66TH Armor Scout Platoon

- SSGCharles A. Peters

- Phantom Brigade of the Third Infantry Division

- SSG Todd Wright

Box 21

Battlefield Summary (Feb. 24, 1991 - Feb. 28, 1991) - 3 copies with an operations sketch

Battlefield Summary (Feb. 24, 1991 - Feb. 28, 1991) - 2 copies with operations sketches

2 Blank Training Schedules for 1st BDE, 1AD

After Action Review, 1st BDE, 1AD (March 3, 1991)

After Action Review, 1st BDE, 1AD (March 5, 1991) - 3 copies, plus one incomplete copy

After Action Report 4-66 AR (March 7, 1991)Redeployment Path - Conus Bound

Redeployment Path - Usareur Bound

Operation Desert Storm After Action Review (includes lessons learned in deployment, in-theatre preparation and wartime)

"The Gulf War: An Iraqi General Officer's Perspective"

After Action Report on Operation Desert Shield/Storm, 1st IN, 3rd BDE, 1AD (March 16, 1991)

4 Training Schedules for 1st BDE, 1AD (March 18 - March 20) 26th Support Battalion Training Plan (March 18 - March 20)

4-66 AR 1st BDE. 1AD Training Schedule (March 18 - March 20) FRAGO 151-9lM Occupation of Expanded 1AD Sector (March 20, 1991)

FRAGO 156-9lM Aerial Screen and Ground Recovery (March 23, 1991)

FRAGO 40S-91 GATOR/DPICM missions (March 25, 1991)

FRAGO 39S-91 Aerial Screen and Ground Recovery (March 25, 1991)

FRAGO 42S-91 Movement of Division NMC Equipment and TIER II Ammunition to CAMP KASSERINE (March 30, 1991)

FRAGO 43S-91 response to FRAGO 42S-91 (March 31, 1991)

Warning Order, truck in minefield (March 29, 1991)

FRAGO 144-9lM 1st AD Phone Bank Operating/Procedures(March 17, 1991)

FRAGO 30 R&R Cruise for 1AD Soldiers (March 14, 1991)

FRAGO 27S-91 Trips to BOG BASE (March 9, 1991)

FRAGO 160-9lM Miscellaneous Reports

FRAGO 194-91 The Enemy and EPW Camps

1st Brigade, 1 AD Night Observation Device Report (March 29, 1991) - 2 copies

Memorandum: Destruction of Enemy Equipment and Ammunition in

1st Bde Sector

FRAGO 173-9lT 1AD Ranges (March 31, 1991)

FRAGO 174-9lM 1AD Logair (C-130) Procedures

1st Battalion 7th Infantry Situation Summary (March 21-31)

FRAGO 44S-91 1AD Ranges (March 31, 1991)

Copies of Newspaper Articles on the Gulf War

Master 1 AD TPFDL Worksheet, as of April 5, 1991

FRAGO 15S-91 Withdrawl from Iraq to CAMP KASSERINE (March 7, 1991)

Humanitarian Relief Summary, as of April 8, 1991

Operation: Iron Victory (April 9, 1991)

Operation Desert Storm, the 244 mile, 89 hour movement to contact - 5 copies

Concept Sketches A&B for 1st BDE, TAD

1st Brigade, TAD Situation Report (April 9, 1991)

Humanitarian Relief Summary (April 16, 1991) - 7 copies

MANE WER "Silver Bullets"

FRAGO 172-9lM R&R Cruise for TAD Soldiers

1st Battlalion 7th Infantry Situation Summary, as of April 15, 1991

1st Brigade, 1AD Situation Report

1st Armored Dividion TAA Rules (Jan. 8, 1991)

Saudi Arabia Communications Information

1st AD FSOP Brigade/TF CDR's Battle Status Report (SITREP)

FACT SHEET: Automation Issues During Operation Desert Shield

MEMORANDUM: Brigade TF Maneuver Lessons-Learned (Jan. 15)

Iron Eagle Brigade Premission Planning Checklist

Annex H (Grafic Readings) to TF 4-66

Combat Correspondents Pool #1

1st Armored Division

Operation Desert Saber - 1st Armored Division

MEMORANDUM: 1st Bde, 1AD After Action Report (Feb. 10, 1991)

1 AD Destroyed Iraqi Equipment

Psychological Operations Annex H. TAD OPORD 65-9lM

ORDER 8-91

Daily Joural, includes weather and activity reports

Miscellaneous Papers, Graphs and Sketches.

Box 22

APPENDIX E (Rules of Engagement) to Annex C (Operations) to 3rd Bde OPORD 4-91

Phantom Bde Rules for The Defense in Zone

FRAGO 7-91 Quartering Party Deployment

FRAGO 11-91 Uniform wear during Phase II (Operation Desert Shield)

Movement Order 8-91 (Nov. 26, 1990)

Movement Order 10-91 (Nov. 28, 1990)

FRAGO 9-91 3d Bde, 3ID (Nov. 27, 1990)

FRAGO 12-91 Destruction of Classified Material (Dec. 1, 1990)

Phantom Brigade Loran Waypoint Readings

Route Thor for Phantom Brigade

MEMORANDUM: G3 Plans, includes After Action Report

Rehearsals, graphs

Phantom Brigade Desert Shield and Storm After Action Review 2 copies

Permanent Orders 33-1, Award Announcement

Desert Storm After Action Comments

MEMORANDUM: Task Force 1/7 Infantry AAR for Operation Desert Storm

Ammo Expenditure and BDA

FRAGO 127 Rules of Engagement to SAD OPORD 91-1 Operation Desert Spear

Planning Chart

3d Brigade, BAD Update Briefing

MEMORANDUM: Request to fire AT-4 Rockets

Obstacle Report (OBSREP)

FRAGO 126 Boundary Traces and Movement East, Operation Desert Spear

FRAGO 125-91 EPW Teams

Task Force 4-66 Armor Soldier Update #2 (March 28, 1991)

3d Bde. , 3ID PSA Roster (April 21, 1991);

Fax from 3D INF DIV.

Miscellaneous FRAGOs.

Movement Order 1-91.

Miscellaneous Tasking Sheets.

Miscellaneous Graphs.

ORDER 11-91 (March 20, 1991).

Warning Order.

Box 23

Operation Orders, includes various Annexes and Appendices.

Classified Document Accountability Record (Jan. 25, 1991).

Operation Plan (Attack/Movement to Contact).

FRAGO 64-9lM Movement to FAA Garcia.

3d Brigade Operation Order Sign-out Sheet.

Box 24

OPORD 91-300 Operation Sand Survival.

Actions of Contact.


Lessons learned and data from the 1st Cav. "Blackjack Brigade", commanded by Col. House (Aggie '67).

Box 25

4-66 Armor - Battalion Combat Orders.

S2 Log #1 for 4-66 Armor Battalion, Begins March 13, 1991.

S2 Log for 4-66 Armor Battalion in Southern Iraq (March 1991).

4-66 Armor Battalion S2 Date/Time War Updates.

Box 26

Iraqi Division Templates (Nov. 5, 1990), Dept. of the Army.

Iraqi Division Templates (Nov. 7, 1990), Dept. of the Army.

Box 27

Logs, includes Jayhawk Daily News, and news highlights.

Previously Classified Material, plus other miscellaneous papers.

Box 28

Operation Sketch- copies of maps and soldier's orders during the Land Campaign during Operation Desert Storm.

Box 29

Development OPS Seminar; Trainer's Note #1- How to kill Iraqi Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles. TOW Missile Characteristics.

Redeployment Options.

Box 30

2 FM 100-5 Operations U. S. Army Air land Battle Plan For 1986.

1 Fm 100-5 Operations U. S. Army Air land Battle Plan For 1982.

2 Desert Shield Leader's Safety Guide.

Photograph of BII (Basic Issue Items) For and MlA1 Abrams Tank. 3d Brigade/3d Infantry Division Desert Storm battle map.

Cold War Warsaw Pact Uniform Poster.

From 4-66 Armor Battalion in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

The Preventive Maintenance Monthly Army Maintenance Magazine: Jan '91, Feb '91, 2 June '91.

Desert Shield " How They Fight" Order of Battle Handbook, September 1990.

This guide was used by 4-66 Armor Battalion.

Fm 22-100 Basic Military leadership guide studied by leaders of the U. S. Army before Desert Shield/Storm.

3 Drivers Safety Handbook for Desert Shield.

2 Survival in the Desert Guide.

CGSC Guide about Air land Battle and Karl von Clausewitz and FM 100-5.

CGSC Guide on 1986 Air land Battle Guide FM 100-5

Cold War Poster Warsaw Pact Vehicles.

3d Bde/3d Id S2 staff training poster.

Unit Crest Prints of the 66th Armor Regiment Unit Crest.

Box 31

Maps of Desert Storm Operations.

Coordinates of Republican Guard locations.

Iraqi Unit Descriptions (Quality Analysis).

Artillery firing positions.

Iraqi Defensive Tactics and Capabilities.

Iraqi Maneuver Organization and Military Doctrine.

Disposition of captured material.

New Iraq.

Ground order of Battle: Iraq.

Republican Guard and other Iraqi Army TOE's.

Destruction of Iraqi Equipment and ammo after the war.

Target list.

Spot Report on an F-16 Plane. Copies of captured Iraqi Republican Guard

Army Manuals found in a command/headquarters in Southern Iraq.

Council: Information and lessons learned on Southwest Asia (SEA) for Operation Dessert

VII Corps War Deployment to Shield.

Miscellaneous disposition.

Iraqi Army Unit Descriptions and TOE.

"The Gulf War: An Iraqi General Officer's Perspective" Iraqi Data, includes composition.

Box 32

Iraqi Division Templates and TO&Es.

Photographs of maps with military positions.

Aerial Photographic Imagery of Iraqi Units in 1st AD (U. S. ) Attack Axis.

Desert Storm Air Highlights.

Box 33

Free World Forward Area Aircraft (U. S. ) Cards. Aircraft Recognition Playing Cards.

Armored Vehicle Recognition Study Cards.

3-69 Armor Battalion Tactical Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Night Vision Goggles Operator's Manual, 2 copies.

Technical Manual: Operating Procedures for Communications Security Equipment.

Operator's Manual with Components List for Rifle, 5. 56-MM, M16A2 W/E.

Operator's Manual for Machine Gun, 7. 62MM, M240.

Operator's Manual for Rifle, 5. 56-MM, (M16 and M16A1). Machine gun Instructional Card M240.

Komrad Ivan: An Introduction to your Warsaw Pact Counterpart.

Battle Fatigue, 'More Serious' Signs; Leader Actions.

Operator's Manual 40-mm Grenade Launcher.

Operator's Manual Decontamination Kit, Skin: M258A1 and Training Aid, Skin Decontamination: M58A1.

Radio Set AN/VRC-12 Series Preliminary Operating Instructions. Aviator's Handbook.

Box 34

BDA and BDA Totals.

Day to Day Gound War Intsum, includes Message book.

EPW (Enemy Prisoner of War - Iraqis) interrogations performed in late March - early April during 3d Bde/3d ID's holding of Basra during the Persian Gulf Cease Fire Operations.

Box 35

S2 Logs while occupying allied positions outside of Basra, Iraq.

Intelligence Passed to Bus, includes Spot Reports. Logs in Chronological Order, Jan. 1991 - March 1991.

Information used and held by the 3d Bde/3d ID of the 1st AD, includes VII Corps Intelligence and VII Corps Intsums.

Box 36

Human Intelligence and Other Intelligence Data.

Intelligence Information on the Iraqis and Iraq, overall Analysis of the Iraqis during Desert Shield.

Iraqi Uniform, Colors and Markings Data.

Notebook with Mathematical Formulas, non-English and non-Roman characters, possibly Arabic.

Identifying the Iraqi Threat and How They Fight.

Box 37

Air Maps used to determine Aerial Bombardment Targets. Engineer/Obstacle/Infantry Weapons.

Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual (including repair parts list) for Binocular M22.

Various Intelligence Information for 1st AD (U. S. ) Brigades for Ground Attack.

1-1 CAV (Divisional Cavalry Squadron for TAD) OPORD. Lessons Learned - XVIII ABN Corps.

KTO - Theater-wide INTSUMS, includes 1st CAV intelligence and Bde Intsum.

Friendly Arab Military Unit's Composition, TOE's (Table of Organization and Equipment).

TOE, Tactics and Doctrine.

Preparation for Overseas Movement (POM), movement of U. S. based forces from Europe to Saudi Arabia.

Box 38

War Diary of 2LT Michael A. Kelley. Not to be used without written permission of Michael A. Kelley and the Head of Special Collections.

Box 39

FM 19-40 Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees and Detained Persons, February 1976.

FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare, July 1956.

FM 44-8 Small Unit Self Defense Against Air Attack, December 1981.

Soviet Small Unit Tactics.

FM 21-76 Survival Evasion and Escape, March 1969.

ARTEP 71-1-MTP Mission Training Plan for the Tank and Mechanized Infantry Company and Company Team.

FM 44-1 U. S. Army Air Defense Artillery Employment.

Chapter 2 of FM 44-3 Air Defense Artillery Employment Chaparral/Vulcan/Stinger June 1984.

FM 7-90 Tactical Employment of Mortars, June 1985.

FM 25-101 Training the Force; Battle Focused Training, Battalion and Company Soldiers, Leaders and Units,

September 1990.

Box 40

TM 11-6665-209-20 Organizational Maintenance Manual, Radiac Sets, March 1981.

Soviet Military Power 1984.

Soviet Military Power 1986.

M1 I-COFT/U-COFT Training Mission, general description of system components.

TM 9-1005-211-12 Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual including Basic Issue Items List and Repair

Parts and Special Tools List (Pistol, Caliber . 45, Automatic, Ml911 Al, with Holster, HIP (1005-673-7965) and Pistol, Caliber. 45,Automatic, M19llA1 with Holster, Shoulder (1005-561-2003)September 1968.

History and Role of Armor (USAARMC PAM 360-3), 30 December1988.

Sub-course ITO 471 Edition 4 U. S. Army Intelligence Center and School Non-Warsaw Pact and Third World Countries.

FM 33-1 Psychological Operations, 31 August 1979. FM 23-1 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Gunnery.

Officer Ranks Personnel Issue Number 14, 17 September 1990. Machine Guns M85 . 50-Cal. , M2. 50-Cal M60 AN-M2 (Aircraft) reprinted from PS Magazine 1977.

Box 41

TM 9-2350-264-10-2 Volume 2 of 3 Technical Manual, OperationsManual, Operation Under Usual and Unusual Conditions, Tank,Combat, Full-tracked 120-MM Gun, MlA1 (2350-01-087-1095)General Abrams, December 1985.

FM 21-76 Survival March 1986.

Combat Lifesaver Correspondence Course: Restoring Respiration, Interschool Sub-course 0830.

Combat Lifesver Course: Treating Wounds and Fractures:  Inteschool Sub-course 0831, developed by the Academy of Health Sciences.

Combat Lifesaver Correspondence Course, Initiating an Intravenous Infusion Interschool Sub-course 0832 developed by Academy of Health Sciences.

02-86-004 Combat Lifesaver: Test Booklet. FM 23-90/TO llW2-5-13-21 Mortars.

FM 100-10 Combat Service Support, 18 February 1988. FM 22-100 Military Leadership, July 1990.

The Orienteering Handbook, published by the United States Infantry School.

Battle Command Training Program, Professional Reading: Soviet Airline Battle Tactics by LTC (Ret) William Baxter.

TM 11-5820-401-10-2 Operators Manual Radio Sets, 23 November 1982.

Box 42

FKSM PM-30 Field Artillery and Call for Fire for Armor Leaders(2 Copies).

Field Manual 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers, 27 October 1988.

FM 44-30 Visual Aircraft Recognition, October 1983.

TM 9-2350-264-10-2 Operator's Manual: Unusual Conditions, Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Volume 2 of 2, Tank, Combat, Full-Tracked:120-MM Gun, MlA1 (2350-01-087-1095)General Abrams, September 1990.

Army TM 9-2320-272-10 Air Force TO 36A12-lC-441 Technical Manual Operator's Manual for Truck, 5-Ton, 6x6, M939Series (Diesel), 25 July 1984.

FM 6-20 Fire Support in Combined Arms Operations, 31 December 1984.

TO 6-50 The Field Artillery Cannon Battery, 29 September 1989.

Soviet Armor, examines the strengths and vulnerabilities of Soviet tanks.

FM 16-5 The Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant in Combat Operations, December 1984.

Box 43

FM 71-2J (Coordinating Draft) The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force, December 1984.

FM 100-2-3 The Soviet Army Troops, Organization and Equipment16 July 1984.

ST 17-182-4 U. S. Army Combined Arms Warfare Late/Modern (Selected Reading), February 1988.

FM 100-2-1 Extract November 1989, Soviet Army Operations Tactics.

Cavalry Handbook, Reconnaissance.

Soviet Small Unit Tactics.

Box 44

FM 17-98-1 April 1989 Coordinating Draft Scout Leader's Handbook, 21 April 1989.

AE GTA 30-025 Soviet Organization and Equipment, revised February 1989.

Communicative Arts Branch: Move, Shoot, Communicate Armor Officer Basic Course, 1 March 1989.

FM 17-35 Aeroscout Procedures, 20 August 1982.

Cavalry Antitank Systems Fact Booklet.

FM 6-20-30 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations, 18 October 1989.

FM 33-1 Psychological Operations, 31 July 1987.

Ml/lPMl/MlA1 Comparison Student Handout, December 1987.

Air Defense Artillery reference Handbook Armor Officers and Non-commissioned Officers.

COFT Management, Conduct of Fire Trainer (U-COFT) Supplement.

Box 45

TM 9-1010-221-24 and P Technical Manual Organizational, Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Launcher, Grenade 40MM, M203, W/E (1010-00-179-6447), August 1985.

TM 3-4230-204-12 and P Operators and Unit Maintenance Manual, including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for

Decontaminating Apparatus, Portable, DS2 1 1/2 Quart, ABC-M11NSN 4230-00-720-1618, October 1987.

FM 24-35 Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions The CEOI", 23 September 1986.

FM 100-5 Operations May 1986 (2 copies).

FM 100-5 Operations May 1986.

FM 71-2 The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force approved Final Draft, January 1988.

FKSM PM 30-2 The Call for Fire for Armor Leaders Programmed Text, December 1988.

FM 6-20 Fire Support in the Air land Battle, 17 May 1988. Speech File Service, 3rd Quarter FY 92.

ST 17-184-lA1 MlA1 Tank Combat Load Plan, November 1987  FKSM 17-168 U. S. Army Fort Knox Supplemental Material Radio Sets AN/PRC-77, AN/VRC-64, and AN/GRC-160 Programmed Text, November 1984.

FM 23-23 Antipersonnel Mine M18A1 and M18 (Claymore), Department of the Army Field Manual, January 1966.

Box 46

TM 3-6665-312-12 and P Technical Manual Operator's and Organizational Maintenance Manual (including repair parts and special tools list) for M8A1 Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm and Auxiliary Equipment.

ARTEP 71-2-MTP Mission Training Plan for the Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force, 3 October 1988.

3rd Infantry Division NATO and WARSAW Pact, Vehicle/Aircraft Recognition Guide, January 1, 1982.

TM 9-1005-313-23 Technical Manual Organizational and Direct support Maintenance Manual for Machine Gun, 7. 62 MM, M240(1005-01-025-8095) and Machine Gun, 7. 62 MM, M240C (1005-01085-4758), April 1983.

FM 23-65 Field Manual Browning Machinegun Caliber . 50 HB, M2,May 1972.

Tank Ammunition Weapon's Department.

TM 11-5820-401-10-2 Operator's Manual Radio Sets, 23 November1982.

Operator's Manual Radio Sets, 15 January 1986.

TM 9-2350-264-10-1 Volume 1 of 3, Technical Manual Operator's Manual Operator Controls and PMCS. Tank, Combat, Full-Tracked 120-MM Gun, MlA1 (2350-01-087-1095) General Abrams, December 1985.

USAREUR Pamphlet 350-10, Training Leadership Essays, 31 July 1986.

USAREUR Pamphlet 360-6 Army Information Commanders Guide to German Society, Customs and Protocol APO AE 09014, 7 July 1992.

Box 47

FM 1-400 Aviator's Handbook, May 1983

TM 9-1005-313-10 Operator's Manual Machine Gun, 7. 62 MM, M240(1005-01-085-8095) and Machine Gun, 7. 62 MM, M240C (1005-01085-4758), September 1986.

Change No. 1 for Operator's Manual for Machine Gun, 7. 62 MM, M240 (1005-01-025-8095), M240C (1005-01-085-4758), M240E1 (1005-01-252-4288).

DA Pamphlet 600-50 White Paper 1985 Leadership "Makes the


A Look at USAREUR History (United States Army, Europe).

"Schwarzkopf Grabs Gulf War Credit, Arab General Says" The Stars and Stripes, Friday October 23,1992.

GDW Games 1991 with cover letter.

Video Ordinance (letter with order form) and a sheet with an advertisement for War in the Gulf video series.

GHQ Metal Miniatures Summer/Fall 1991 Order Form.

Soldiers (Issues January 1991, May-July 1991).

U. S. News and World Report (Issue December 17,1990).

Business Week (Issue August 27,1990).

This is V Corps: Off Duty 1992.

Army Times, Welcome Home Vol. 51, No. 47.

Box 48

Newsweek (Issues Nov. 19, 1990 Vol. CXVI No. 21, Nov. 26, 1990 Vol. CXVI No. 22, Dec. 3, 1990 Vol CXVI No. 23).

Time (Issues Feb. 27, 1991, March 4, 1991, June 17, 1991,& Jan. 20, 1992).

Time International (Issues Sept. 3, 1990, Vol. 136 No. 10, Jan. 21, 1991, Vol. 137 No. 3, Feb. 11, 1991, Vol. 137 No. 6, Dec. 30, 1991, Vol. 138 No. 26).

Jayhawk VII Corps.

Military Review, Nov. 1990, Vol. LXX, No. ll.

Army, March 1989, Vol. 39, No. 3.

Army Logistician, March-April 1991.

Congressional Digest, March 1991, Vol. 70, No. 3.

The NCO Journal, Winter 1992, Vol. 2, No. 1.

Army RD & A Bulletin, May-June 1991.

The Desert Jayhawk, Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

Congressional Digest, Persian Gulf Policy, March 1991, Vol. 70, No. 3.

Defense '91 Almanac Sept/Oct.