The Scrapbook of Seaman First Class Guthrie F. Layne, Jr., U.S.N.

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Places in the Philippine Islands
where I have been

in one years duty on the Asiatic Station

Honolulu, T.H.
Manili, P.I.-Principal Liberty
Cavite, P.I. Navy Yard and Supply Depot
Olongapo, P.I.- Dry Dock
Marivales, P.I.- Where Dry Dock is now
Batangas, P.I.
Iloilo, Panay, P.I.
Zamboanga,P.I.- in Sulu Sea
Agoo- P.I.- Landing Force
Santa Barbara- Landing Force
Tu- Tu Bay- Indian Ocean
Tawi-Tawi Bay- Indian Ocean
Putero Princesa- China Sea
Boreno in Sight- 30 miles away Cebu-P.I. a good port

Pacific and Indian Oceans
180 degrees Meridian- Nov. 6, 1940

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